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We believe we are creative and original. We use virtual reality technologies to be innovative with our marketing. We combine virtual reality animations e.g. avatars in a virtual world into promotional media. We can use video to code and create videos and animations using green screen into powerful and effective promotional media. A Promotional Tribute at an Event
An attention catching game or presentation. Used effectively on social media it engages the audience and promotes your brand.

The Wall in Virtual Reality.
This wall has over 50k names of USA military personnel killed during the Vietnam War. 

What is significanat is a virtual red rose was placed in front of the wall in remembrance of someone that died during this war.

The singing avatars on stage performing in virtual reality.  It makes a great game in social media.  For example:

“Name the 5 girls from the movie. Submit your answers on your mobile to go into a $500 prize draw!”