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Science Fair 


Secrets of a Successful Science and Technology Fair

This article looks at some key features of a science and technology fair which will help make it a very successful event.

Focus360 article writing. Everyone involved in running the Science Fair should be there on the day working together. Food and refreshments are always a good idea. A central location which has great reviews is worth considering. These people should include local and central government, tertiary and industry representatives. Prizes need to have value and be well worth the effort for a student. All judges agree that scientific method is the needed in d prize winners. This may be pattern seeking or a fair test.

Effective Communication

Focus360 articles believes effective communication, student acknowledgement and prompt support help to maintain on-going entries from the contributing schools. With good support schools will want to support the fair with entries in subsequent years. It needs to be nice and easy to use and links to other websites should be included. A good booklet written for teachers and students is a great idea.

The Event

This should be a jacket and tie evening with presentations and a list of the prize winners. Include an “after match” function with a supper and refreshments for VIPs, the science fair committee and major prize winners.

Keep all planning meetings on track and don’t waste time and assign jobs to committee members within their areas of expertise and also their willingness to complete the task. The parents and caregivers should not be ignored as support from these people is critical so being involved means they need to have fun. Google SEO expert Canterbury

 If possible, link the senior high school exhibits to school qualifications. This creates real interest for the students and their parents or caregivers. This means more seniors could enter in the future. Keep a complete record of photos and prize winners. A future request for a photo is always a possibility. Supporters, participants and parents are very important for running a successful science and technology fair.


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The true success of is when we hear success when a science and technology fair inspires students to such an extent that they say, “That’s the career for me!” We then know the event was a huge success when the student took up a career in science and technology. Google SEO expert Canterbury.

Further Reading

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